Friday, August 12, 2011

Surf Quote....

"Waves can't be the god of the sport; if they were, we would all live in Hawaii.  It has got to be getting out in it that counts -- surfing because you love to surf, and getting pumped full of life and whip and snap.  I used to ride junk waves all day long, training for the good moments.  You do this, and one day you are sitting out there all alone, waiting for a set, and someone will paddle up and ask how the surf is.  'Man,' you tell them, 'you should have been here an hour ago.'"
-Phil Edwards
Artwork Ken Auster
Phil Edwards is one of my surfer/shaper heroes. I think the Phil Edwards Model Hobie is one of the most beautiful LB shapes ever created. (He was responsible for the Hobie Cat design as well)

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  1. Hi I'm an Aussie, and my three surf heros are Phil Edwards, Midget Farrelly and Peter Drouyn. Phil and Midget are both very creative and the most graceful and powerful surfers in the water.