Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flashback Mod Fish

This was a shape I did a couple of years ago and was one of my favorites.. A 6-4 modern fish with quad fin setup. What was unique about this shape was the use of a slope deck to extend volume out to the rails while still maintaining a nice thin rail. Dimensions are: 6'4" 15” x 20.5” x 15” 2.75”. Board featured LokBox quad fins. As shown in the pix, I first ran the Turbo Speed Dialer fins but didn't like the feel...too "drifty" on hard bottom turns. As a 185lb surfer, I need a little more fin. In a quad setup I like the Taylor Knox fin template in front. It has a 4.68" depth for extra hold and drive. Then I like to use either the smaller LBXM3.8 80/20 foiled rears or just LB side-bite for the rears. It has a 4oz+4oz deck & 6 oz bottom with clear, sanded-gloss finish to add durability while keeping overall weight low. The double-wishbone pinlines (red&blue) give the board a classic look. Glass work was done by West Coast Glass in Encinitas. The board surfed fast but smooth.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Scott's new Nova...

Customer Scott in San Clemente asked for a 9-6 Nova to go with his 10-0 Nova Pintail. He asked for a classic look, single-fin with triple stringer and tailblock...I want one!

He also ordered a 9.5" True Ames Wayne Rich Classic fin...
Scott and his quiver

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Board for Phil

This is Phil's second Thomas Patrick, the first being a 9-0 Nova Speedster Quad. Phil is a big guy and wanted something to keep up his wave count on those smaller days, but still work when the waves got bigger. After much discussion, the end result was this beautiful 10-6 Nova 2+1. Dims: 19"x24"x14.5" 3.625" Ray at Lucke Glassing did all the glass work, including sanding and polishing. Those are old-school black resin gloss-coat stripes you see, over blue air brush stripes. Here we are getting ready for the first go out at San O.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here's another used board For Sale

9-6 Thomas Patrick Nova Surfboard
Dims: 17-5/8”x 22-3/4”x 13-3/4” 3-1/8”
My daily driver has beautiful dark Ice Blue resin tint by Moonlight with gloss & polish finish. Three cedar stringers: 1/4”center with 1/8” on both sides. Moderate rocker with blended half-length nose concave and moderate tail “V”. Pulled in nose and tail allows this LB to go anywhere on the wave, while the nose concave extends your tip time. Progressive 60/40 rails for the right combination of speed and forgiveness. Wave range is waist-high to overhead-high, beach-, reef- or point-break. This is the board you can use just about any day, anywhere and have fun. It has a few heel dents on deck and one pro-repaired ding. Price includes new LBXJT side-bites and clear 7.5” TA L-Flex center fin. Only $399. Call Thomas 805-856-8554 or email if interested.

Monday, January 3, 2011

More stuff about fins...

The importance of fins, or should I say the correct fins, for your board, your specific break and your particular style is often overlooked. Second only to bottom rocker, fins have a major impact on a board's performance. The modern removable fin system makes experimentation with fin templates and fin location a no-brainer.  Changes in fin shape and/or location can radically alter the way a board rides. A while back, I posted some fin basics which you may want to review. This time I'd like to share a tool that I use to compare center fins for longboards. Fin Comparison Tool Its not too difficult to use or to make your own. It allows you see at a glance how various fins compare in terms of base, depth, rake and overall area. My current favorite for single-fin LBs is the True Ames Velzy Noserider. For 2+1 set-ups I like the True Ames L-Flex or Skip Frye Flex in 7.5" and the FCS GL Template for side-bites. On mid-size quads I like the LokBox Taylor Knox in front and the LBXM3.8 for the rears.

One of the things that I try to offer my customers is value---bang-for-the-buck. I offer new fins at 60% of retail when purchased with new boards. Likewise on select new board bags and new leashes.