Thursday, December 13, 2012

While you're waiting for the next swell...

Here's a cool vid of Joel Tudor and Wingnut talking 'bout noserideing

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Ventura area surfers were treated to three days of outstanding surf this weekend. Calm winds allowed clean conditions nearly all day. I surfed a couple of late afternoons on the dropping tide. Something I haven't done in months.

Here's the Pier at C St showing some size where there's typically barely a ripple. The little black  dot at the edge of the white water is a surfer.

One of the smaller set waves at Pitas Point. This shot was taken from where I hope to be parking my newly acquired travel trailer this winter.

6-8 HYB 5-Fin...

I shaped this hybrid shape for the older, larger shortboard surfer who has a job, responsibilities and doesn't get to the beach as often as he'd like. Or, for a surfer who is looking for a sub-7' board to add to his quiver of mid-size and/or longboard shapes. The board has a full outline with wide-point very close to center, which is typical of hybrid shapes.. The bottom has relaxed entry rocker with a slight kick in the last 6" to cope with later take-offs. Bottom contours are a subtle single-to-double concave. At 2-5/8", the thickness is in between standard shortboard thickness and standard funboard thickness, striking a balance between paddling power and lower volume.

(BTW, the rocks you see in the photos were covered by 3' of sand prior to this weekend's big swell! Time to break out the booties.)

The five fin-box option allows the rider to experiment with either tri-fin, quad-fin or 5-fin configurations. As a transition board, this shape tries to provide the broadest performance range possible. Dimensions are 13"x20-1/2"x15"  2-5/8". Those interested in the shaping of this board can check here.

Contact me if you're interested in taking this board for a spin.