Monday, November 18, 2013

Mini-Widget deja vu...

Customer Jordan liked the butterscotch 5-4 MW so much that he ordered one just like it...well, almost. He asked me to reduce the length to 5-2 and went with FCS Fusion boxes instead of Futures.
Here's the "pick-up day" photo

Friday, November 8, 2013

5-2 Mini-Widget gets glossy...

Like most exceptional surfboard sanders/polishers, James, at Lucke Glassing, likes to do his own gloss coats. Here he is applying a gloss coat to customer Jordan's 5-2 Mini-Widget

Nice and glossy...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mini-Widget II for Gordon...

Here's Gordon wth his new 5-6 Mini-Widget II
The Mini-Widget II has all the Mini-Simmons characteristics of the original Mini-Widget, but has the nose pulled in making it a little more user-friendly in larger, steeper waves. 
Dimensions are 5-6, 17-1/2" x 22-3/8" x 18-3/8"  2-5/8" Deck has plenty of crown which keeps the rails standard shortboard thickness. Five FCS Fusion boxes give Gordon plenty of opportunities to experiment with fin configurations. 

The Mini-Widget II is an excellent choice for the better waves of winter, and gives the rider quite an edge in paddling power when competing for waves with weekend crowds. Give me a call and let's start talking about your new Mini-Widget.