Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My idea of fun on a Saturday...

Stan and I worked on his new "Super T-Belly" last weekend. We spent a lot of time talking about design elements, and I got a chance to explain the shaping process, what I was doing and why. Of course we had to swap surf stories, which is always part of the deal when surfers get together. Is this a cool gig, or what? Here's some more shots of the shaped blank....

Board is now in Ray Lucke's capable hands for glassing. I'll post more pix when its done.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Today is TSJ Day....

My favorite surf mag arrived in the mail today...
If you don't already read this cover-to-cover, you should...definitely worth a cup of coffee at Barnes&Noble.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Board for Tom...

Chris brought in his dad's 15-yr old Stewart and asked if I could shape something similar. I kept the outline similar, but made some changes in the bottom contours to update the performance. I used a "green" density foam blank from USBlanks and 6-oz Silane cloth on deck and bottom. Replacing the 3/16" cedar stringers with 1/8" cedar compensated for the extra weight of the denser foam. End result is a board that is more durable but no heavier than the board its replacing.
Father and son with old and new
Old and new bottom view
Board dimensions: 9'6" 18-3/4" x 23-3/4" x 14"   3-1/8"  Custom laminated wood tailblock and new True Ames fins finish off this classic beauty.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dolphin Fan's Noserider

Dolphin fan Ilan and brother Tito

       I shaped this 9-6 Neo Single-fin for Miami Dolphin Fan Ilan. Boards dimensions are 9-6 18-3/4" x 23" x 15-3/8"  3". Board has typical Neo features: half-length, blended nose concave, moderate "V" in tail and eggy, 60/40 rails.

The two 1/8" cedar stringers can be seen clearly through the tourqoise and orange resin tint glass job (by Ray Lucke).  A clear True Ames "Slick" model center fin finishes off this noseriding beauty.

Ilan was able to watch the entire shaping process from raw blank to finished shape.

Heading to a nearby break for a little tip-time...