Wednesday, April 11, 2012

9-0 Classic

Here's a 9-0 Classic with a wide-body design. The fuller outline increases planing surface for easier wave catching in small-wave conditions. Dimensions are 19" x 24" x 16-1/2" 3". Board has all the Classic model features like pinched 50/50 rails, noserider rocker, tail V and blended, half-length nose concave. The outline has a decided "hip" in the outline located at the same place that tail rocker begins to accelerate and tail V is at max depth. On a longboard, the integration of these three features is critical for effortless turns and amazingly smooth cut-backs.
9-0 Classic with proud new owner
I added a crescent (aka "Moon") tail with flow-through deck scoop. A variation of the square-tail design and much like a swallow-tail, the crescent or moon tail shortens the turning radius and allows slightly greater tail penetration. The tail scoop directs water flow over the tail-block, helping to weigh the tail for improved noseriding.
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I just finished shaping a 9-4 version for the shop which will be available in early May. With the small waves of summer just around the corner, now is the time for you to order a custom Classic.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Nueva Huevo...

I'm really excted about this new egg. Just picked it up today from the shop.
It's 7'11"  17" x 23" x 15-1/2" x 2-7/8", EPS/Epoxy 3 layers orf 4-oz S-Glass deck and 2 layers 4-oz S-Glass bottom. Sanded gloss coat finish with red and blue pinline.
 This is a 5-fin, convertible board and I'll be using the T.Patterson template with 80/20 foil on rear fins when going quad and the CI template when going tri. Both fin sets are FCS-based from True Ames Fins.

Full outline and low rocker should make wave-catching easy. Bottom features single-to-double concaves with some "V" out the tail for speedy carves and smooth cutbacks.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Swap-Meetin' it...

Reef and I set up shop today at the local Ventura swap meet. Surfboards and surf photography for the discerning buyer. Met some folks, handed out some flyers and ate burritos...good times.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Next up...

Here's the last two boards I shaped sitting on the glassing racks. In the background is a 9-0 Neo with blue resin stripe and moon flow tail. This is a wider version of the Neo model, offering maximum planing area in a shorter length. The board in the foreground is a 7-11 Egg 5-fin convertible, done in EPS/epoxy construction. This board was designed as a California travel board, with a wave-range to match most anything you'll find in the Golden State.