Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another new stick for Kirt...

This is an 8-4 Nomad Quad + 1, with a double-bump round-pin tail. The 5-fin set-up allows Kirt the greatest range of fin configuration choices; Single, Twin, Twin with trailer, 2+1, or quad. Boards dimensions are 8-4 16-3/4" x 22-1/2" x 15-1/2"  3". Bottom is fairly flat in the middle, with slight convex in the nose and V in the tail. Board has low entry rocker with and a slight kick in the tail. The double-bump tail, tail-rocker kick and V placement will keep this board loose and free despite its relative size. The low rocker makes it an easy paddling board that will be very fast when in trim. Now all Kirt has to do is to decide which fins to use.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sean's Zinger...

Zinger 2012
Delivered this beauty to Sean just this morning. The Zinger is the latest iteration of the TPS Widget. "What's a Widget?" you ask? The Widget is a shape I designed as an alternative to the "big fish" shapes that started re-appearing 4-5yr ago. 
7-2 Widget 2008
I used the flat rocker, full outline, and double bump tail of my Mod Fish design, but replaced the swallow-tail with a diamond tail. On the Zinger, I pulled in the nose a tad and added the sloped-deck rail, which allows max volume without a bulbous rail. Other refinements include a shallow single-concave bottom, with double concaves feeding the fin array and a slight amount of "V" starting just in front of the fins running out the tail.

End results is a speedy mid-sized board with high-performance features that can be scaled to the riders size. The dimensions of Sean's board are 7-2 15-3/4x23x17  3-3/8" thick.
Here's Sean and his new Zinger...
Here's what Sean had to say after today's first session:
"Well the waves weren’t perfect, knee to waist, winds picked up as the tide went out. I’m surprised how light the board felt in the water, it did everything I asked. I’ve never covered so much ground in small waves before. I caught everything I looked at, lefts rights, point to the cove. I was ready to go in but a few strokes and I was back out catching another wave, it paddles fast. Stay tuned for some new swell in the santa barbara pointbreaks… thank you!"
Order your new custom Zinger today!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making lemonade...

The last few weeks have been really busy with orders for new boards. And, I've been making almost daily trips to my supplier for blanks, S-glass and the odd fin box or fin. One of the orders was for customer Chad, who owns this spiffy 6-8 2+1 . Chad wanted the same basic design, but a little shorter, a little narrower and a little thinner. We worked together on the design using AKU and I picked up a blank that would accommodate the width, length and thickness. After cutting the outline, and shaping the rocker and bottom contours, I was shocked to find that the blank was still 3-1/2" thick! Chad had ordered 2-1/2" thickness, and cutting an inch of thickness out of this blank would make it highly susceptible to denting. Not cool. So this blank became a "lemon" and I stuck it in the corner of my shaping bay. I picked-up another blank for Chad's single-fin 6-4 and finished it (being glassed now) and then shaped customer Rick's 9-4 pintail Nova. All the while the "lemon" was standing in the corner reminding me that "haste makes waste".

While cleaning up the bay after finishing the Nova, it occurred to me that the "Lemon" might make a good Stubby, with CI Biscuit dimension, i.e. short, wide, thick and flat. I set the broom aside and picked-up my trusty Clark Hitachi, and when the dust settled, here's what I had.

Final dimensions are 6-4, 14-1/2"x21-1/2"x16" 3". I added the wing in the tail to step-down all that width, kept the rocker very low throughout, ran a shallow single concave down the bottom and added a little V out the tail. I'm going to go with a 2+1 fin set-up, and have Ray finish with an abstract, resin-tint bottom and rails, with clear deck inlay. Board will function as a fish alternative.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Zinger...

After machining
Here's a new shape for the big boys (you know who you are!) I call it the "Zinger" and it was inspired by my conversations with customer Sean, who needed more performance than his 7-10 was offering him. Like all my shapes, I created the design in AKU and sent the PDF to Sean for review. While I hand-shape 90% of my boards, I like to use CNC technology on my more technical EPS foam shapes. The nature of the material makes CNC a better choice. Once we were both satisfied with the shape, I sent the file to Marko Foam, who cut the EPS blank on their CNC machine. Blanks was delivered today.
After finish shaping.

After machining, the blank has the look of corduroy, with grooves left from the cutter head. Sanding and screening leaves the blank ready for glassing.

The Zinger is a hybrid shape with a fairly full outline and flat rocker. The dimensions of this particular model are 7'2" 15-3/4" x 23" x 17"  3-3/8". I used a sloped-rail design to keep the rails thin, and added double-wings in the tail, to reduce tail width. The flatter rocker will help to keep Sean from pushing water while paddling, the full outline will give him maximum planing surface, the sloped-rail will allow him to penetrate the wave face for better hold, and the bump/wing tail will make turning easier. Sean chose the 5-fin set-up for maximum versatility. This board will be glassed with S-glass cloth and epoxy resin for strength and light weight.