Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blast from the past...

Surfer Matt Aden bought my favorite noserider, the 9-8 coke-bottle green tint, triple stringer with bamboo pivot fin Neo over a year ago. Here's  what it looks like:

 I really loved that board, but I knew Matt would be stoked with it. Recently, he was kind enough to send me this bitchin' little vid of him and his bros enjoying a sunny winter day on the Green Machine.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

CraigsList Find...

I stumbled upon an ad for one of my boards on CraigsList today, check it out.
Here's what I said about it when I sold it 2 yrs ago:

This board is at the short end of the hybrid spectrum, but retains the centered wide point, balanced outline and volume (paddle power) that hybrids are known for. The rails are boxy; round in nose, softly tucked in the middle and down hard at the fins. Quads are known for their speed and smooth-handling characteristics, and this board is no exception. The finish is 4oz+4oz deck and 6oz bottom, clear, wet-sanded gloss coat. Glass work done by West Coast Glass Encinitas. Price includes LokBox composite fins and tail-pad.

Board is located in Bakersfield area, so if you're looking for a used "big boy" quad, shoot this guy an email.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Mini-Nova for Dan...

Dan has a couple of Thomas Patrick boards, as well a quiver of boards by other shapers. Dan likes to experiment with different shapes, so last month he approached me about shaping a mini-longboard similar to the Bear Wombat, the Walden Compact Disk, the Greek Shorty or the Taka Scorpion. The idea of a mini-longboard is to have a board with longboard features, e.g. wide nose, wide tail, low rocker, etc, but in a length that will fit easily into a beachbreak. He and I spent a couple of weeks discussing this shape and identifying performance expectations. I sent him a couple of drawings and he gave me feedback on what he liked or didn't like.

This is the board we came up with. Dimensions: 6' 10" 17-13/4" x 21-3/8" x 15-1/2" 2-3/4". The bottom has a subtle single-concave in the front half that transitions to "V" in the tail with double-concaves feeding into the fin array. The board has a 2+1 fin configuration which allows the board to be surfed as a 2+1, a single-fin, or with the proper 4" center fin, as a thruster. The board has a 3/8" cedar stringer and with the clear, wet-sanded gloss finish, it projects a clean, classic look.