Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dolphin Fan's Noserider

Dolphin fan Ilan and brother Tito

       I shaped this 9-6 Neo Single-fin for Miami Dolphin Fan Ilan. Boards dimensions are 9-6 18-3/4" x 23" x 15-3/8"  3". Board has typical Neo features: half-length, blended nose concave, moderate "V" in tail and eggy, 60/40 rails.

The two 1/8" cedar stringers can be seen clearly through the tourqoise and orange resin tint glass job (by Ray Lucke).  A clear True Ames "Slick" model center fin finishes off this noseriding beauty.

Ilan was able to watch the entire shaping process from raw blank to finished shape.

Heading to a nearby break for a little tip-time...

1 comment:

  1. This board absolutely kills it. Not only does it look rad and noseride really well, but it turns almost as well as my 9'0 tri-fin takayama. Thanks Thomas!