Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eggy project almost done...

Here, the board has been hot-coated and sanded. Ray taped-off the pinline on the lap of the deck, applied color and is now pulling the tape.

The white dot in the middle of the stringer is where the hole for the leash-loop will be drilled through the deck and into the center fin box. The leash loop will be knotted, and the knot will wedge itself into the very tail of the fin box, while the loop end will protrude through the deck. This is by far the strongest and cleanest way to attach a leash loop in a board with a center-fin box.

Here the pinline has been completed and the board is waiting for gloss-coat and polish.
Should be ready for its first outing this weekend. Hopefully, we'll get a little swell as forecasted. Stay tuned...

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