Saturday, March 24, 2012

Something borrowed...

This is the board I borrowed from Jay. Rode it Tues and Wed at Pipes in clean, 3'-4' conditions, and really had some fun. I also borrowed a 5'6" Mini-Simmons for the trip that Glasser Ray shaped. Surprisingly, I was able to catch 4-5 waves, but just couldn't find the gas pedal. I guess I'll have to lose a few pounds, or build something bigger.
Here's some more Kingfish pix. I surfed Pipes almost every day for years, and then I moved to Barney's, the next break over, where I would go in the wintertime, surfing Terramar in the summer. It was fun going back. Nice being able to wear my 3/2 Mateuse instead of my R3 Patagonia.

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