Sunday, March 1, 2015

And now, for a little color...

In case you haven't noticed, surfboards, especially longboards and alternative shapes, have become multi-colored works of art. A case in point is this new custom Thomas Patrick Classic model being built for Kirt (seen in the previous post riding his Nova). Done all in resin tints, this board is a true one-of-a-kind custom.
Starting with a hand-shaped 9-3 noserider, Master Glasser Ray Lucke applied streaks of white opaque resin on the double layer of 6oz cloth on the  deck.
Applying white stripes
This was followed immediately by a coat of  light-grey resin tint. Clearly a two-man job, Ray is joined by glasser protege Mike.

Nearly finished

After the the main deck lamination hardened or "kicked", the board was flipped, the reversed lap trimmed and a blue tint inlay was applied to the bottom. Next, thin black stripes were added to the deck. This was left to harden overnight, and then lightly sanded the next day. In the next step, patches of color were added, again using tinted resin. These were also allowed to kick, and then the entire deck received a clear "hot coat".
Taping-off for the hot coat
Logo placed

My Grandson Kyle and his dad Bruce watch Ray applying hot-coat

This board will be a stunner when its completed next week. Be sure to check back....

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