Friday, May 20, 2011

Green Wedgie...

 I sold my blue 9-6 Nova because I wanted a modern LB with just a little more float (too many beers, too few waves...). And because, living in Ventura County you see a lot of Yater LBs with a  wedge stringer which I think is pretty cool. And finally because I love light-green resin tint on a LB. So here, fresh from the Lucke Glassing factory, is my new Ice-Green 9-8 Nova Wedgie. Dims: 18" x 23" x 14.5" 3.25". Shallow half-length nose concave with V in tail. NR 5" TR 3. 5.  Double 6oz deck, single 6oz bottom. 2+1 fin set-up for max flexibility. I tried a True Ames 9" L-Flex B as a single but it seemed like it wasn't enough fin for the board. Shifting to TA SBs and 7.5" TA Wayne Rich Classic did the trick. Board is now for sale.

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