Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Something fishy...

I have a handful of customer-friends that challenge me with requests for alternative shapes. My friend Jay is at the top of the list. Jay's responsible for the "Mini-Glider", the "Neo-Bat", the "T-Belly" and now the "Kingfish". Dims: 7-8 16-3/4x22"x16" 3". This board has a 3/8" cedar stringer with beautiful Gephart marine-ply fin skillfully glassed-on by Ray at Lucke Glassing. Resin-tint bottom and rails with black pinline and gloss & polish completes the picture. Board is designed for lined-up points and reefs, and should be ordered 24" shorter than your regular longboard ;-]


  1. That's nice!!! Love to hear how it rides. The fins are rad. Hope to see it in the lineup.

  2. Hey Daniel, It's a sweet board! Now we need some juice to give it a go.